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I hope you enjoy my blog about positive leadership, change, culture, new organizations, and reflection. I’d like to inspire you to make a positive difference in your life, your work and in the world.

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How You Make a DifferenceWhat if I told you that you already make a difference? No matter what you’re doing right now? That’s what I explore in the Make Your Difference E-book that you can download once you sign up for the updates.

We take a look at philosophy and science to see that you make a difference. But we also explore how you can amplify your positive impact.

The Make Your Difference Framework shows the levels of developing: Who you are, How you do things and What your impact is.
It explores how to Energize, Engage and Empower yourself and others.

Please take the time to read and reflect on this E-book. If you answer the journaling questions, you get more out of it than when you only read it.

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