Love in the workplace

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Is your workplace positive and loving? Does the question make you flinch? The word love is reserved for the private space. It is a taboo at work. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no love in the workplace! We call it differently, we express it differently than at home, but all positive organizations practice love. Moreover, fresh research shows that …

Positive Deviance

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Positive cultures lead to productivity and can even stir high performance or “positive deviance”. How could you make that work? People perform best when they feel good about themselves, plus: when they know what they must do and what the criteria are. Clarity Though rather simple, this is explained in The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. …

I love Liberating Structures

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If you really want a positive culture and extraordinary meetings, I recommend the Liberating Structures (LS), developed by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless. LS focus on changing routine habits of interaction and the culture will be influenced organically. LS are “microstructures” that shape your conversations and meetings. They may seem small but have a big impact. Old-fashioned micro-structures The five …

Positive Energizers

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Individually, you can influence people to be more positive. When you do this in a conscious effort with a group, not only can you influence more others but you can also support each other. We all have doubts, or lack courage every now and then. A team can help you persist. Energizers So who are the others that can help …

Positive Communication

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“Every professional context is created by the conversations that people have. (..) Every moment of interaction is important. Positive communication can help create positive organizational climates, high-quality relationships, and affect a wide range of outcomes such as health, learning, or morale.” That’s what researchers Julien Mirivel and Ryan Fuller found out. Even something as simple as the absence or presence …

Suffer, survive or thrive in organizational culture?

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In spite of all the terrible news headlines, humanity at large develops itself slowly but silently in the background of the world stage. Many people are trying to be good, do good and live a good life. With rising wealth more people are freed from earlier material constraints and some limiting beliefs in this wake. For many, their degrees of …

Ruben Timmermans

Holacracy: a new way of organizing

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What are the challenges of organizational life? Your answer may contain silos, lack of trust, lack of decision making, politics, bureaucracy, communication issues, overwhelm, difficulty with change, rigidity and more… “Organizations are designed to produce these painful results!” That’s why Brian Robertson invented “Holacracy”. Does that work any better? I checked in with Ruben Timmerman of Springest to find out.

Upgrade organizations

How to Upgrade the Industrial Organization to the Age of Ideas?

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Do you suffer from corporate obedience? Are you wealthier but not healthier and happier than your parents? Does your employer demand your “all” without guaranteeing a continuity of employment in return? Are you stressed, anxious, disengaged or frustrated? Fair chance that you are trapped in an old-style steam-engine organization, custom-built to suppress collaborating, problem-solving, innovating and socializing. Perfect for repetitive …

Positive Leadership toward Reinventing Organizations

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Positive Leadership, based on positive psychology, makes a tremendous difference in any workplace no matter how hierarchical its structure may be, or how plain the tasks at hand. Because you can’t reinvent your organization overnight to become one of those self-organizing, vibrant, fulfilling and energizing workplaces doesn’t mean you are powerless! You can always apply positive leadership.

Reinventing Organizations at Eye-level?

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“Leaving the 20th century behind, I think we are ready and hungry to feel aliveness and connectedness – at work and at home”, said the German consultant Ulf Brandes during our interview. Together with four others, he created the documentary film Augenhöhe (German for eye-level) to show that it is possible to work at “eye-level” in organizations, instead of at …

Reinventing Organizations: a case study

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There’s a new way of organizing and collaborating emerging around the globe – as Frederic Laloux shows in his book Reinventing Organizations. Let’s take a closer look at “new organizations” with a case study – and examine the three key things that they do differently: self-management, wholeness, and purpose.