Dr. Fons Trompenaars : Transcultural Competence: reconcile dilemmas to collaborate and innovate

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In today’s connected, fast-paced world, transcultural competence is more important than it already was. Leaders and change makers must be able to collaborate around the globe, while they also create and foster a culture of innovation. Change and innovation, once an extraordinary event in an organization’s life cycle, are currently more like “business as usual”. How to become “trans culturally” …

The Golden Rule says, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

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Guest post by Brian Fulghum. In a recent discussion, some people said that the “Golden Rule” is wrong or at least misguided. As the argument goes, people like different things, like things differently, and disagree about everything. How can we expect that treating people as we want to be treated will lead to any sort of agreeable outcome? If I’m …


Would you lead a virtuous organization?

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Guest post by Graham Williams. Would you like to lead yourself, others, and organizations to practice virtuous, positive leadership? Let me share some stories to inspire you. Huge wisdom may be contained in a small story. There’s a reason Jesus taught the people by using parables. The parable of the good Samaritan carries lessons for today’s leaders, professionals and organizations.

Be a Present

Unwrap Your Gift and Make a Difference

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You’re working hard – making a living, but are you making a difference? That’s the question that bugged me early in my career as a change guide and leader. At times, I felt discouraged and disappointed trying to create positive change at work. I let reality and the critics get me down. “Change is hard. Leaders are greedy for power …