What does your body say?

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If you suspect that you might need to clean up some emotional issues before you can be an authentic person at work – Steve Sisgold is your man. In his practical book What is your body telling you? he shares many exercises to tap into the wisdom of your body and your inner knowing. We cannot embody positivity if we …

Small actions can create big change

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Small actions can have huge outcomes because complex, non-linear systems have tipping points. Once a critical threshold is reached, the system moves into another state of being. Water will freeze over when the temperature falls below zero degrees Celsius. In systems of people, the system as a whole behaves differently when enough actors have changed their behaviors. Everyone can contribute …

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

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The British philosopher Alain de Botton could have been a novelist or a journalist. He writes poetically and observant about work. He paints an epic picture of our global economy and modern lifestyles, as if he were an eagle hovering over industrial landscapes, modern buildings, big cities, and then, suddenly, zooming in on an office and joining one of the …

Business Case: How Values, Virtues and a Game Helped G-Wiz Grow

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Guest Post by Graham Williams. Who doesn’t want growth? Growth seems a good thing for organizations. It marks the positive results of hard work. Growth unlocks doors to more opportunities. However, with this growth come stressful and demanding challenges. This was true for G-Wiz, a gymnastics organization in Cape Town, South Africa, but with some help, they were able to …

Are you kind enough to collaborate?

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How well do you collaborate? Are you a team player? People have a natural tendency to work together and collaborate – as research shows. Cooperation is the basic driver of human civilization (according to author Dirk Messner). We all have a drive to belong to a group or team or tribe and feel acknowledged and respected and safe – even …

Grace in corporate culture

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Guest post by Brian Fulghum. “Culture eats strategy for lunch” is a well-known expression of the importance of your organization’s culture and aligning it with organizational vision and strategy. I stumbled upon the importance of this principle when I was part of the leadership team running a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in northwestern Pakistan. We wanted to run a …

Do you give attention to who you work with?

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In this reflective time of year, I’d like to ask you how you focus your attention. Do you give genuine attention to the people you meet both in your personal and your professional sphere? Let’s distinguish three levels of reality: the what, the how and the who. Our education and career are based on the what: our knowledge and expertise. But …

Appreciative Inquiry to build a Culture of Kindness

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Guest post by Jeremy Scrivens. Many people feel unengaged and unhappy at work across the Western World. The disengagement level at work has reached a crisis point. Managers need a new ‘toolkit’ to engage people but above all a new lens to view their people: the lens of kind leadership that engages people to give their best in a Culture …

Positive Leadership toward Reinventing Organizations

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Positive Leadership, based on positive psychology, makes a tremendous difference in any workplace no matter how hierarchical its structure may be, or how plain the tasks at hand. Because you can’t reinvent your organization overnight to become one of those self-organizing, vibrant, fulfilling and energizing workplaces doesn’t mean you are powerless! You can always apply positive leadership.