Becoming Whole at work: Personal Development to Change the Organization

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Most organizational development and change programs start in a top-down way and focus on the “what” and “how” for the organization. But as we’ve seen in earlier articles about Theory U: the “who” of change makes the difference. The level of awareness of the participants of a system defines the outcomes of that system. It matters “who” you are: it defines …

Interview: Ulf Brandes About The Movie “Augenhöhe” or “Eye-level”

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Ulf Brandes is one of the creators of the documentary Augenhöhe – German for “Eye-level”. Augenhöhe shows what it’s like to work “at eye-level” in organizations with new ways of collaborating that fit the 21st century. Augenhöhe is meant to invite people to dialogue: How are they working now, and what would they like to change? How can they change? …

“Anything is possible. Especially if you decentralize leadership”

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Julian Bolster’s life story and his work are examples of positive leadership – so let’s talk with this international leadership coach. Julian co-authored a book with Dr. Deepak Chopra, “Roadmap to Success”, and is working on a second book about leadership. An interview by Marcella Bremer. Marcella Bremer: Who is Julian Bolster? Julian Bolster: I started in business almost 20 …

The importance of virtues for a successful business

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Graham Williams is a certified management consultant and author based in Cape Town, South Africa. With Dorian Haarhoff and Peter Fox, he published “The Virtuosa Organisation”. Broad in scope, yet specific in its application the book examines subjects such as the dark side of leadership, how to embrace People + Planet + Profit thinking, and how to move from vision …

Interview: Steve Sisgold – Whole Body Intelligence for leaders

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Body intelligence: you have it, but do you use it? I started to appreciate it during several bodywork courses and I notice the impact of authentic nonverbal communication in leadership and change. Hence my interest in Steve Sisgold’s book What’s Your Body Telling You? I think we should bring the body to the workplace. Instead of just using the body to transport our …

7 Things your Team Needs to Hear You Say

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Leadership lessons: David Dye has learned a lot of those. He works with leaders who want to get more done, build teams that care, and meet their goals. He gathered his leadership lessons in the practical book The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say. Time for an interview with David! Marcella Bremer: How did you come up with the …

Interview with Terrence Seamon

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Terrence Seamon is a seasoned Organization Development consultant, based in New Jersey, USA. He is passionate about change and loves to write. After he published his book Change for the Better, I interviewed him about change. Join us as we discuss positive deviance, resistance, Theory Y and Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis. Marcella Bremer: You just published your third book: Change …

Leontine van Hooft

What can Western leaders learn from Africa?

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“Working in Africa is fundamentally different than in Western societies.” Leontine van Hooft, a Dutch corporate anthropologist and entrepreneur, learned a lot when she started a venture in Africa seven years ago. She shares her insights in “The Power of African Thinking – About Ubuntu, unifying leadership in a new world”. Are you open to learn a few leadership lessons from other …

Berlin Change Days

Change leadership interview: Holger Nauheimer

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What inspires you, as a leader,  consultant or coach? What lessons have you learned? One of Holger Nauheimer’s lessons was learning that doing less and trusting the process is the core skill of a change facilitator. His mission is to help leaders and organizations live the values that the world needs. Holger founded the annual conference “the Berlin Change Days” and has …

Ruben Timmermans

Holacracy: a new way of organizing

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What are the challenges of organizational life? Your answer may contain silos, lack of trust, lack of decision making, politics, bureaucracy, communication issues, overwhelm, difficulty with change, rigidity and more… “Organizations are designed to produce these painful results!” That’s why Brian Robertson invented “Holacracy”. Does that work any better? I checked in with Ruben Timmerman of Springest to find out.

Otto Scharmer

Interview Otto Scharmer: “Change on many levels”

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Otto Scharmer’s work is a great inspiration for me and many others. I’m excited to share this interview with him about his work and specifically the book “Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies”. The subtitle explains its great ambition: Applying Theory U to transforming business, society and self. Here’s a framework that can help leaders, consultants, …