How do you respond to gossip?

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How do you feel when someone gossips or complains about someone else? It depends, of course. It can be great to agree because it creates a feeling of bonding. “The two of us agree and it’s us against that person or that issue”. It can be such a relief to vent. But it may not be what you’d like to …

Christian Felber and the Economy for the Common Good

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What is the role of a company in the universe? When an organization is founded, the question is Why? Is the answer: to produce clothing so people can stay warm – or whatever they create? Or to maximize profits for the founders and the investors? Christian Felber shows the audience in Vienna at the “Evolution of Organization” conference (organized by …

Engaging Emergence and change

Engaging Emergence – a new story of Change

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“The old story of change, called change management, no longer functions well. Fortunately, a new story is arising that works creatively with complexity, conflict, and upheaval.” Speaking is Peggy Holman, who has been working in and shaping the field of change since the Mid-70’s. She’s an author and consultant who co-authored the indispensable Change Handbook (an inspiring and pragmatic compilation …

Reinventing Organizations: a case study

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There’s a new way of organizing and collaborating emerging around the globe – as Frederic Laloux shows in his book Reinventing Organizations. Let’s take a closer look at “new organizations” with a case study – and examine the three key things that they do differently: self-management, wholeness, and purpose.