The Positive Culture Book cheaper than coffee

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Exciting news: the publisher offers the Kindle version of my Positive Culture book at only 99 cents from 26-28 June! Benefit from these 3 magic days and download your copy today. In this post, you’ll find 16 quotes from my book as a super condensed mini-course! Which one is your favorite and why…? Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t worry, I …

Dare you share failures?

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Learning is crucial for a positive culture, but it hardly ever happens without mistakes, hickups, or failures. Learning fast, and learning from others’ failures as well, helps your organization become more agile and better. In conventional cultures, however, it’s not common to admit failures even though failure is critical to success. In nuclear plant accidents, the NASA Challenger disaster and …

Are you still learning?

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When was the last time you learned something new? Being a newbie again, can be a wonderful experience. People who thrive have a sense of learning and vitality, as Gretchen Spreitzer and Christine Porath found. Flow, as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi showed, is the state where you are challenged and learn, but though there is a “stretch” you are not challenged beyond …

Positive Deviance

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Positive cultures lead to productivity and can even stir high performance or “positive deviance”. How could you make that work? People perform best when they feel good about themselves, plus: when they know what they must do and what the criteria are. Clarity Though rather simple, this is explained in The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. …

Henna Inam: “We are Wired for Authenticity”

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It was on a transatlantic flight, more than five years ago, that Henna Inam started to understand she had been lying to herself about who she really was. “Sure, I was happy. I was flying back from Switzerland to Mexico where I ran a branch of a multinational corporation. I was recognized for my team’s business building results, one of …

Eileen Fisher: “We Need To Figure Out How To Get Free”

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Eileen Fisher is an American fashion designer and founder of the women’s clothing retailer Eileen Fisher Inc. The company celebrated its 30-year anniversary and has over 1,000 coworkers. For these last thirty years, Eileen Fisher has looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment. Eileen has always been passionate about using her company as a voice for change …

Book Review: Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

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Ora et labora: the twin pillars of monastic work are of equal importance. For a Trappist monk work is a form of prayer and prayer is a form of work. They practice mindfulness. August Turak, an American salesman and serial entrepreneur, went to Mepkin Abbey, South-Carolina, when he needed time to think – and he kept coming back for years. …

Book Review: Do! “The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution”

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Speaker and best-selling author Kevin Kelly draws from over two decades of research to highlight what makes Xceptional businesses and their leaders succeed beyond all odds: exceptional execution of an ordinary idea. He discusses the concept of DO! in a tiny book, illustrated with entrepreneurial, innovative cases from around the globe. An overview. Idea killer Kelly used to be an …

Deep Democracy Workshop to Transform Challenges: dare you to kiss a frog?

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Deep Democracy is a fascinating approach to both personal and organization development. Join me as I join this wonderful workshop to learn more… Kiss a frog? Ugh! It’s natural for most of us to avoid or ignore ugliness, to control problems, wish them away or fight and conquer them. We tend to dislike problems, obstacles, and challenges. Let alone accept, …

Do you give attention to who you work with?

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In this reflective time of year, I’d like to ask you how you focus your attention. Do you give genuine attention to the people you meet both in your personal and your professional sphere? Let’s distinguish three levels of reality: the what, the how and the who. Our education and career are based on the what: our knowledge and expertise. But …

Coding Zeal Company

“Whole Person” Organizational Culture makes people and organizations thrive

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Guest post by Gerald Wagner. What if you’d wake up on Monday excited to go back to work? Organizations with “Whole Person Cultures” make this a reality. Not because they offer happiness courses and wellness perks – but because they create organizational cultures in which people thrive. Eliminate fear, add creativity. No need for office politics, if there’s openness. Bye …

hierarchy hinders authenticity

Dare you be Authentic?

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Who you are, has become more important since our economies deliver numerous services, and we are knowledge workers in varying projects while our societies ride the waves of global change. It is not just what you do, and how you do it, but WHO you are that makes the difference in all this volatility. Being precedes doing.