Learning: Are you paying attention to lessons happening around you?

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Guest post by Leslie Yerkes. Learning keeps surprising me. One of my recent lessons is that most learning is not structured. Or planned. Actually, the vast majority of learning just happens to us. John Lennon said something like, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans.” The key is to be aware of things while they are …

Are you kind enough to collaborate?

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How well do you collaborate? Are you a team player? People have a natural tendency to work together and collaborate – as research shows. Cooperation is the basic driver of human civilization (according to author Dirk Messner). We all have a drive to belong to a group or team or tribe and feel acknowledged and respected and safe – even …

Reflection Questions for leaders, consultants, and other professionals

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As Einstein said: “If I were about to die and I had only 1 hour to figure out how to save my life, I would spend the first 55 minutes of that hour searching for the “right question”. Once I had formulated the question, finding the answer would take only 5 minutes.” Every day, we start a brand new year…. …

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Business books holiday reading list with questions

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Ready for a holiday? If you are, why not catch up on some reading? Reading opens new doors: also to great questions that can help you shape your future! Here’s my business books holiday reading list with some questions. Business books holiday reading list Let me share my favorite business books list on Goodreads with you. This list doesn’t contain …

Do you give attention to who you work with?

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In this reflective time of year, I’d like to ask you how you focus your attention. Do you give genuine attention to the people you meet both in your personal and your professional sphere? Let’s distinguish three levels of reality: the what, the how and the who. Our education and career are based on the what: our knowledge and expertise. But …

Charles Eisenstein’s More Beautiful World

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We’re living in a story of Separation – says author & speaker Charles Eisenstein, a Yale graduate in Philosophy and Mathematics. The world’s current environmental and social problems derive from this Separation narrative that directs our mindsets and behaviors. Eisenstein’s book “The more beautiful world our heart knows is possible” is a guide towards a new story, aimed at connecting …

Are you feeling thankful?

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Thanksgiving. It’s an invitation to be thankful and to find the positive sparks in life even though the news headlines may be negative. It’s a great reminder to practice gratitude that has been proved to make people happier. Are you feeling thankful? I am very blessed in countless ways, but I’m human: I get used to my blessings, so they …

Engage Emergence

Dare you engage with “emergence”?

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What happens if you engage with emergence – instead of imposing your pre-designed plans onto reality? (Emergence?! You know what that is: anything that happens while you are making other plans, as John Lennon defined life). Interesting question. Anything could happen if you engage emergence. Whatever the outcome, you could not have predicted it. Emergence evolves organically, and you can …

Are we working on changes that matter?

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Are we working on changes that matter? Or are we moving boxes around? That’s what consultant Terrence Seamon asks himself when guiding organizational change. Powerful, legitimate questions that shouldn’t scare you and that you should ask yourself.

Cynicism or Opticism?

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“A case for optimism” is an inspiring video by Tiffany Shlain. She pleas for optimism with a healthy dose of skepticism: which is a “questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts,or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.” Thus, she argues, let’s become an “opticist”. Let’s not be naïve, but let’s focus consciously on the …

Do you have the courage to contribute?

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Fear and courage. It’s an incredibly important theme in our lives: Joseph Campbell captured the archetypical “journey of the hero” as the central theme in human storytelling around the world. The journey starts with the calling of the challenge (the hero’s purpose) and revolves around fear and courage. Passing through all the stages of learning, leading and change – until …