Are you a team player?

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How well do you collaborate? Are you a team player? People have a natural tendency to work together and collaborate – as research shows. Cooperation is the basic driver of human civilization, explains Dirk Messner. Collaboration needs feedback, now and then. Not everyone does everything right all the time. But how do you give feedback? Here’s my reflection on intentions, …

Be a Present

Unwrap Your Gift and Make a Difference

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You’re working hard – making a living, but are you making a difference? That’s the question that bugged me early in my career as a change guide and leader. At times, I felt discouraged and disappointed trying to create positive change at work. I let reality and the critics get me down. “Change is hard. Leaders are greedy for power …

Are you full of and & and?

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We ideally want to have it all. But going after everything might lead to nothing. Choosing isn’t easy. When you choose, you immediately lose the other options. And when you make a wrong decision, you could lose in one instant. Do you really have to choose? Yes, you have to choose. It’s either/or. You can’t do everything at the same …