Cynicism or Opticism?

opitcist“A case for optimism” is an inspiring video by Tiffany Shlain. She pleas for optimism with a healthy dose of skepticism: which is a “questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts,or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.” Thus, she argues, let’s become an “opticist”. Let’s not be naïve, but let’s focus consciously on the half full glass and see how we can fill it up even further. (more…)

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Do you have the courage to contribute?

fearFear and courage. It’s an incredibly important theme in our lives: Joseph Campbell captured the archetypical “journey of the hero” as the central theme in human storytelling around the world. The journey starts with the calling of the challenge (the hero’s purpose) and revolves around fear and courage. Passing through all the stages of learning, leading and change – until the hero returns home with renewed wisdom. (more…)

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Why do you do your work?

whyWhy are you a leader, a change-maker or a professional in your field? It’s a question that becomes en vogue. Or, should I say, a certain type of answer becomes the standard. The answer that refers to your higher purpose, or Work (as opposed to your job: your work). Why do you do your line of work? What is your Work? (more…)

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Reinventing Organizations

Guest post by Frederic Laloux.

FREDERIC-LALOUXThere’s something broken in how we run organizations today. Institutes that poll thousands of people about happiness at work show that up to 60-75% are disengaged at work! They show up with their bodies, but that’s it – just to make a living.
This is the case not only at lower levels of organizations, where people have routine jobs and feel powerless. Even at the highest levels, senior leaders feel tired of email overload, meetings, the rat race, the silos, the political games they have to play, the tedious budget circles. This growing sense of tiredness – hints that there must be something more. (more…)

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Dare you be Authentic?

cover issue 18Who you are, has become more important since our economies deliver numerous services, and we are knowledge workers in varying projects while our societies ride the waves of global change. It is not just what you do, and how you do it, but WHO you are that makes the difference in all this volatility. Being precedes doing. (more…)

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Position Power Over Others versus Personal Power With Others

cover issue 17A few recent experiences with large corporations made me think about power. I had to comply and adjust to one organization’s procedures – or they weren’t allowed to hire me. In another case, my contact insisted on a late-night Skype meeting even though it was very inconvenient for my schedule, and I had repeatedly told them I couldn’t make it. In all cases, my contacts were a bit indignant that I did not comply. Even though I tend to be flexible, I also have to manage my time and energy to deliver good work. Sometimes this means saying “No” – even when I thus miss out on earning their money. My prospects were stunned, to say the least. With the corporate power and money behind them, they were used to getting their way. (more…)

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Do you want to make a Positive Difference?

kim-cameron-quote2Do you want a positive difference? If your answer is yes, positive leadership is your starting point. Positive leadership aims for the highest potential of an organization – instead of returning to “normal” after solving a problem it inspires people to go even further, into the realm of “positive deviance”. It often supports people to deliver beyond and above expectations. (more…)

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Positive Leadership toward Reinventing Organizations

kleiner-Q-kim-urlPositive Leadership, based on positive psychology, makes a tremendous difference in any workplace no matter how hierarchical its structure may be, or how plain the tasks at hand.

Because you can’t reinvent your organization overnight to become one of those self-organizing, vibrant, fulfilling and energizing workplaces doesn’t mean you are powerless!
You can always apply positive leadership. (more…)

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Reinventing Organizations at Eye-level?

cover issue 17
“Leaving the 20th century behind, I think we are ready and hungry to feel aliveness and connectedness – at work and at home”, said the German consultant Ulf Brandes during our interview. Together with four others, he created the documentary film Augenhöhe (German for eye-level) to show that it is possible to work at “eye-level” in organizations, instead of at different levels in an organizational pyramid: looking down on direct reports, looking up to your boss and, maybe, looking suspicious at the co-workers next to you… (more…)

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Webinar: Dialogue, Organization Development and Culture


Or: why Information & Energy need to flow freely…

Do you know those few, famous examples of extraordinary workplaces where people thrive… versus the Dilbert-like top-down hierarchies where people suffer or survive? I bet you do!
But how to turn such an energy-depleting hierarchy into a thriving, dynamic workplace? And, why would you even try? Well, most organizations must become more innovative, agile and change-responsive – if they want to survive, let alone thrive. And that is where dialog, organization development and culture come in. 


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