Are you a giver or a taker?

Giver or TakerSuccess and satisfaction depend on who you are but also on how you treat others… According to Adam Grant’s research, you could be one of three types in the workplace: a Taker, a Giver, or a Matcher. How do you behave at work? And what is your workplace culture like?

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“Whole Person” Organizational Culture makes people and organizations thrive

Guest post by Gerald Wagner.

jerry-wagnerWhat if you’d wake up on Monday excited to go back to work? Organizations with “Whole Person Cultures” make this a reality. Not because they offer happiness courses and wellness perks – but because they create organizational cultures in which people thrive. Eliminate fear, add creativity. No need for office politics, if there’s openness. Bye professional masks, hello authenticity. Why use key performance indicators and stretched targets, if you get it done through enthusiasm and work-life balance. It’s a magic mix so let’s meet some organizations that walk this talk! (more…)

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How to Upgrade the Industrial Organization to the Age of Ideas?

Upgrade organizationsDo you suffer from corporate obedience? Are you wealthier but not healthier and happier than your parents? Does your employer demand your “all” without guaranteeing a continuity of employment in return? Are you stressed, anxious, disengaged or frustrated?
Fair chance that you are trapped in an old-style steam-engine organization, custom-built to suppress collaborating, problem-solving, innovating and socializing. Perfect for repetitive tasks, standardization, and efficiency. Disastrous for inspiration, purpose, trust, innovation and making a difference to the greater good. So, what can you do to upgrade your industrial organization? (more…)

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Would you lead a virtuous organization?

Graham WilliamsGuest post by Graham Williams.

Would you like to lead yourself, others, and organizations to practice virtuous, positive leadership? Let me share some stories to inspire you. Huge wisdom may be contained in a small story. There’s a reason Jesus taught the people by using parables. The parable of the good Samaritan carries lessons for today’s leaders, professionals and organizations. (more…)

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Engaging Emergence – a new story of Change

“The old story of change, called change management, no longer functions well. Fortunately, a new story is arising that works creatively with complexity, conflict, and upheaval.” Speaking is Peggy Holman, who has been working in and shaping the field of change since the Mid-70’s. She’s an author and consultant who co-authored the indispensable Change Handbook (an inspiring and pragmatic compilation of 61 group methods to engage in change). Her latest book (2010) is “Engaging Emergence – Turning upheaval into opportunity”. (more…)

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Dare you engage with “emergence”?

What happens if you engage with emergence – instead of imposing your pre-designed plans onto reality? (Emergence?! You know what that is: anything that happens while you are making other plans, as John Lennon defined life).

Interesting question. Anything could happen if you engage emergence. Whatever the outcome, you could not have predicted it.

Emergence evolves organically, and you can choose to suppress it, ignore it, or engage with it – aware or not. Those are the responses that Peggy Holman identifies in her book “Engaging Emergence – Turning upheaval into opportunity”. Let’s look at this change approach from a personal point of view. What is your default attitude toward emergence?

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Stewardship and Organization Development

peter blockGuest post by Peter Block.

There have been two ways technology and organizational culture have evolved that make the ideas and practices of stewardship more relevant for OD practitioners than ever. As used here, stewardship means a choice to (1) act in service of the long run, and (2) act in service to those with little power.

For organization development and change in today’s world, stewardship translates into creating accountable and committed workplaces without resorting to increased control or compliance as governing strategies. (more…)

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Ready for Nexus4Change?

Guest post by John Spalding and Steven Cady.

steven-cadyWhile most people would say they want change—in their organizations and communities, their schools, their health care, their government—they don’t often act on their desire because they don’t know where to begin. That’s why NEXUS4change provides a roadmap for initiating collaborative change in a changing world. NEXUS is both a curator for this emerging field of scholarship and practice, as well as a movement and gathering place for people with a passion to support “whole systems” to thrive in our world. (more…)

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Courage and Culture

webinar-courageWhat does it mean to be courageous…? Does it differ across cultures? Becky Robinson, founder and social media expert for authors at Weaving Influence, organized a webinar to explore the different cultural expressions of Courageous Leadership and Followership between the United States and Asia. “We want to create a world that works for all.” Dare you speak truth to power? A conversation with Bill Treasurer, Ira Chaleff, John Graham and Robert Yeo. A cross-cultural exploration. (more…)

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Edgar Schein on Culture

tim-kupplerGuest post by Tim Kuppler.

Culture is a hot topic and remains a tremendous opportunity for most organizations to further support their purpose, solve problems, and improve performance. Surveys highlight the importance of culture but also an inability to translate that awareness into results. (more…)

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Inspired Organizational Cultures

jerry-wagnerGuest post by Gerald Wagner.

The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures (IOC) aims to develop a global community of leaders who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness. We created a self-paced program to teach new generations the importance of providing positive leadership and transforming workplaces for a new, inspired era of business growth. (more…)

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Are you an uplifting leader?

Lead With Giants is an online community with the vision of raising up 10,000 UpLifting Leaders. There is enough so-called “leadership” that disempowers, discourages, and disappoints. UpLifting Leadership is inspirational,…

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