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Learning to develop a Positive Culture?

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“I believe that organizations have the potential to be places of healing. Almost all of us come to work with “baggage” – often counterproductive coping mechanisms learned from hard experience in past jobs, in our families, in our personal lives.” I wholeheartedly agree with Chris White, director of the Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan, who shared this in …

Did you ever fail forward?

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What does it mean to Fail Forward? According to quora.com, “Failing forward implies moving forward despite failures.” Failing forward is essential to learn and develop in your life and work. It’s getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. It is a crucial part of self-development, and it’s embedded in the culture of successful innovative, entrepreneurial, and agile …

Midsummer blogs part 2

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What are you reading this summer? Here are some more midsummer blogs for you to consider (also see the selection of last week if you like): More than 200 timeless lessons about how to achieve personal and professional success. These articles, written by Todd Smith, an entrepreneur for the last 34 years, reveal that it is indeed the little things …

Midsummer blogs part 1

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I hope you can take some time off this summer and spend it with your loved ones and activities you love! This is a great time for reflection and relaxation so you may emerge refreshed and inspired in September. Whether it’s vacation or staycation this year – what are you reading? Here are some midsummer blogs for you to consider: …

How Positivity helped me forward

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Guest post by Pete Grosse. As an entrepreneur focused on workplace culture, engagement and providing the optimum environments for people to do the best work they can, I strive to promote positive power every day. Why? Because I know first-hand how it feels to be disengaged from work and to feel the specter of negativity (my own and that of …

Conversations that Count

Do your conversations count?

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Guest Post by Graham Williams In ancient Hindu, Sumer, Roman and in Greek civilizations conversations were crucial to progress. Practiced by the Knights of the Round Table, group conversation was the engine of the Renaissance. Conversations enlivened French salons, and are integral to early Aboriginal, Maori, African cultures. Shaka Zulu’s UK UXO Xa impi were motivational warrior conversations around a …

positive leadership

The 21 best articles on Positive Leadership, Culture, and Change

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Here are the 21 best articles on Positive Leadership, Culture, and Change to date… My intention is to inspire toward positive organizations where both people and performance thrive. Positive organizations are better at change, more innovative, competitive, profitable, and they contribute to the world – while engaged people spread their positive vibes in their private and public lives. You can …

Welcome to the Leadership Development Carnival: October 2016

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Welcome to Leadership & Change Magazine, the blog about Positive Leadership, Culture, and Positive Change!  I am excited to host this month’s Leadership Development Carnival, initiated by Lead Change Group. All these blogging professionals share great wisdom – so please take the time to read their posts below, reflect, and apply what works in your situation. This Leadership Development Carnival is a treasure chase …