Energize your mindHow are you? Ready to increase your positive impact with this series How You can Make a Difference?

The core of Your Difference Framework is Who you are.
It’s your source of attention and the source that generates energy.
Where attention goes, energy flows.

There are several layers to Who you are:
body – being
mind – thinking
heart – feeling
soul – willing (your Why)


We assessed our body energy before in response to physical activities and events, but what do you think of the mind? Thinking is a huge activity that impacts our energy and the difference we make.
It’s the field of coaching, psychology, NLP and whatnot. We may be more used to working with the mind than with the body, especially in the workplace.
It’s how we think and what we think that defines our energy and our results as well.

Get the notebook you bought to make a difference. Raise your awareness. Start noticing how your energy is in relation to your thoughts.

Rate your Energy when you Think

Rate your energy and write down what you just thought.
Collect the facts, by taking notes when you sense them and not afterward, when you make up a story about your day (which we all do).
Be consistent. Be honest with yourself.
Don’t judge. Simply perceive and write it down.

It is again a small act that can make a huge difference. It is the small act of starting to pay attention to your mind. It is a simple training in awareness. It means taking charge of your self: the contents of your approximately 40,000 thoughts per day.

It takes 30 seconds to write down one line, a couple of minutes to gather per day:

Energy: 8 (excited about new idea)
Energy: 8,5 (inspiring talk with my coworker about the idea)
Energy: 5 (after our weekly meeting – thinking “they will never change”)
Energy: 6 (maybe I can start small with the idea, just try it)
Energy: 4 (I can’t do this – last time my proposal wasn’t even approved)
Energy: 3 (I want to go home and get out of this office)

Whatever you believe, you’re probably right. Thinking creates our reality. If we feel we can’t do it, then we can’t. We’ll unconsciously sabotage our efforts or radiate our self-doubt so much that others won’t buy into our ideas.

The little voice in your head, the inner critic, does a lot of the thinking for you. The self help-author Steve Sisgold calls him the enthusiasm thief. When you get excited about an idea, you can probably sense your energy going up. You feel active, vibrant, enthusiast. But when the first objections pop up, you may feel your energy level going down – you’re feeling low. The enthusiasm thief came by and left you depleted, discouraged.

Your inner critic means well – it’s only trying to protect you from harm, hurt, and disappointment. That’s all. But it’s not a very energizing personality. It’s more focused on problems than on possibilities. It sees danger and scarcity where you could see abundance and wellbeing. But hey, where attention goes, energy flows.

So if your thinking focuses on the half-empty glass, you lower your energy and your impact. If your inner critic controls your mind, even if it means well, you can’t think out of the box, you can’t lift your energy. You’ll stay safely but maybe unhappily, bored and tired, inside your box.

Now what? Thinking means judging. It’s constantly assessing whether things are good or bad. You’re telling yourself a story when you process your sensations. You choose a focus. And you tend to see what you expect, and next, you get what you expect.

If you believe that your idea will never be accepted at work and they will never change – you might be right. You might create this result by your lack of confidence and faith, radiating doubt, setting your idea up for failure.

What if the other focus was true? Any thought can be plausible. They may be ready for change, it’s just the weekly meeting that drains everyone. If you address that issue, people might cheer up and come up with a better way to exchange weekly information and share ideas.

You choose! What is true?

Simply keep writing down your energy scores and your associated thoughts.
You might be surprised. You can challenge your thoughts and assumptions – the opposite may be plausible as well. Your thoughts are often a story you tell yourself, a partial view of the total Giga-bits of data that reality presents – and you chose to see and judge one side of it.

Sometimes, becoming aware of your thinking habits is simply enough to change your thinking. Acknowledging your inner critic may be enough to hush it. “Thanks for the warning. I’ve heard you but I need to try this.”

Remember: it is your job to raise your energy to increase your positive impact. You owe it to the world to be the best You you can be.
Limiting thoughts, negative expectations and inner critics will not help you make your difference.

Focus on helpful Thoughts – they raise your Energy

That’s why you must create the circumstances to raise your energy and focus on helpful thoughts. You can recognize a helpful thought by the way it makes you feel. Does it lift your energy? That’s great! You might as well assume this thought is true. Because you can argue either way – because you can never process all the data of reality.

Take your notebook and challenge the thoughts that made you down. Argue how the opposite may be true.

Become observant of your thinking. Meanwhile, assess your energy levels to become aware of what makes you come alive. Get more of this in your life.

What activities give me energy? What activities don’t?
What did I just think when I lost my energy?
Who gives me energy? Why?
What did I just think when I talked with them?
How do I judge about myself? How do I talk to myself? Is my inner critic very critical?

I hope you’ll discover thoughts, people and activities that help you lift your energy. However: nothing or no one gives you energy. You generate it yourself, you activate it, by what you tell yourself.

Have fun, play with reality. If you think one thing, the opposite may be true as well. I dare you to open your mind to this idea. Who are you to judge this complex, overwhelming, emergent reality….?

I look forward to your comments and stories.


PS: If you think this is positive-thinking-crap, you haven’t opened your mind. By the way, what is your energy level when you have such critical thoughts?
The first step to making your difference count, is opening your mind. Start seeing the evidence of how you matter. I know you do – just energize, engage and empower yourself to increase your impact.

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