Culture: Diversity and Inclusion

Culture: Diversity and Inclusion

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When we’re working with organizational culture we aim to develop a culture that helps the organization achieve its goals and be successful in the long run. Safety Psychological safety is an essential ingredient of a positive and productive culture. This safety helps people to speak their mind, contribute energy and ideas, be transparent and open, and take action as they …

Relations with co-workers

Culture: Relations with co-workers

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As I attended a comedy show from a relational therapist, what struck me was how much this applied to culture, leadership and collaboration at work… You bond with co-workers and you want to achieve goals together, just like at home. You’re in a relationship with co-workers. Others that are different than you. How do people cope with differences? Relational therapist …

Ehtical culture

Ethical Culture at work

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Ethical is the most important face of the future. Ethics is at the heart of being human; to have purpose, ideals, direction, vision, and spirituality. Ethics is also about corporate behavior, expected conduct, compliance, regulations, and the boundaries of what is acceptable. Here’s part 2, based on futurist Patrick Dixon’s “six faces of the future,” as discussed in his book …

Culture remains Tribal

Organizational Culture remains Tribal

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New beginnings! What will the future bring? Futurist Patrick Dixon summarizes the “six faces of the future” in his book “The future of almost everything” as: Fast – the speed of change, AI, robotics, volatile, everything connected to everything Urban – urbanization, demography, fashions, fads Tribal – nations, culture, social networks, brands, teams, all different Universal – globalization, retail, e-commerce, …

Positive Teams and People: Purpose

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If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog, you know that my work on positive organizations is also inspired by Charles Eisenstein. He’s a thought leader on the big questions of our time, talking about economics, climate crisis, and humanity. He’s looking for an antidote for the scientific narrative that we are separate from the world. It makes people …

Shut Up or Speak Up – Part 2

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By Graham Williams & Justin Kennedy Welcome to part 2 of this article on Psychological safety, based on extensive research (in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics and business science) and practical experience in consulting to workplaces around the world. Here’s our coverage of a complex and important topic in a way that is devoid of flowery, ‘impressive’ language. …

Safe workplace

Shut Up or Speak Up – Part 1

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By Graham Williams & Justin Kennedy Some workplaces are caring, fair and reliable. Employees know that they are appreciated, belong and are free to express themselves. They can safely engage and contribute their views and concerns without any fear of adverse consequences or of being ignored. They find satisfaction and meaning in what they do. Psychological Safety When employees feel …

Happiness for Calvinists

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The Dutch professor Ruut Veenhoven of the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization has been researching happiness for decades. His research is exciting and aligns with the positive leadership research. Let’s take a look at why happiness matters and how you can have more of it…! Veenhoven defines happiness as long-term satisfaction with your life as a whole – as opposed …

Powers of Organizations

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Being aware of your power and how power alters your own and others’ reactions helps to handle power well. This is important for everyone that wants to develop a positive culture at work. If you want to look at your personal power: check my first post about power. In this post (based on my experiences in a workshop by Julie …

Positive Self Leadership: Progress, not Perfection

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What’s keeping you from developing positive (self-)leadership? The list of advantages is compelling. Positive leaders are authentic, open, transparent, trustworthy. They coach and support self and others, they see what is working well and try to amplify that. They give people feedback to keep going and to improve. They’re not on people’s back when the goal is clear. They value …

Recharging and Reading Over the Summer

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If you have some time to spare over the summer (or the winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere), how do you recharge? Reading is a great way to both relax and recharge: great novels help you escape from the daily grind while non-fiction helps you learn new ideas and return to work inspired. I asked my network, clients, and …

Manage Positive Energy To Enhance Performance

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Do you manage energy? Most of us don’t, at least not consciously. Leaders tend to manage information and influence within their network. Traditionally, leadership is associated with influencing people to do things. However, energy is a crucial resource within organizations. The fascinating thing with energy is that when you spend energy on relationships it increases. Energy is the source of …