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At the intersection of change and leadership is an abundance of well-meaning writings, much of which provide limited value to the reader in my opinion. The majority of what is available is either too narrow in scope for my taste or offers answers instead of challenging questions we must struggle with to find our own resolution. Positive Leadership and Change breaks out of the pack by providing an array of perspectives that I found more provocative than instructive. Highly recommended for those who want their current perspectives stretched, not dictated to.

Daryl Conner, Chairman of Conner Partners

I make time to read Leadership and Change magazine because it successfully explores issues that are of real significance – while other publications about organizational change only examine individual change responses at a superficial level. The contributors write with courage, authenticity, and a genuine desire to share – qualities that you can sense have guided the creation of this excellent publication.

Michael McDougall, PhD sport psychology researcher and team manager

Leadership and Change Magazine is a unique and thought-provoking publication. I especially enjoy the authenticity of the contributors and the tools they share. It has given me fresh, new insights for increasing motivation and productivity.

Danna Beal, M.Ed., international speaker and author

This is a very refreshing publication. I like that it is practical and realistic. So many people seem to be looking for “5 easy steps”, but life isn’t a set number of easy steps.

Mab-Az, company president

What struck me is the adventurous, enthusiastic presentation of what is different, what is true – even if this flies in the face of traditional ways of doing business. I enjoy the wide diversity of authors and thought-leaders, who share best practices. Unlike the more established, academic leadership magazines, L&C is current: tomorrows’ subjects are dealt with today. It deserves attention.

Graham Williams, management consultant, business narrative practitioner and author

Bremer offers brief, user-friendly synopses of big ideas that are both insightful and practical in business settings. Each piece provides key insights into more ethical and humane modes of leadership that promote organizational health and effectiveness. I particularly enjoy the journaling questions. They elicit deep reflection and bring the concepts home. Grounded in scholarly research and presented in a style that is readable, clear, and engaging, this is a must for management scholar-practitioners.

Dr. Tonya Henderson, Gly Solutions, LLC

I live for practical and pragmatic. So does the author of Positive Leadership & Change. The articles and perspectives are both highly relevant and immediately applicable in a broad variety of situations. The nice thing is those perspectives are broken up into digestible, understandable chunks that make for easy yet effective reading.

Mike Figliuolo, managing director of ThoughtLeaders, LLC

I always like the articles that Marcella Bremer provides. They add great value to us and to our clients.

Andrea Simon PhD, founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants

Creatively written, her content varies but is a seamless journey of highlighting positive organization development and change thinking. Bremer writes as if she is speaking to you directly (Personal), discussing issues and leadership that you can use today (Pragmatic), and highlighting the great work that others are doing in the world (Positive).

John Spalding, managing partner Nexus4Change

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