Book Review: Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

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Ora et labora: the twin pillars of monastic work are of equal importance. For a Trappist monk work is a form of prayer and prayer is a form of work. They practice mindfulness. August Turak, an American salesman and serial entrepreneur, went to Mepkin Abbey, South-Carolina, when he needed time to think – and he kept coming back for years. …

Improving and innovating With Ideas From The Bottom

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Guest post by Jehan Joy Tandingan Gesta. There’s usually a natural rate at which organizations improve. It’s 2 to 2.5% per year but if you manage it – if you think of how to improve and innovate and you take action, you will have a different result. If you manage improvements consciously the rate ranges from 12% to 17% over …

Interview: Ulf Brandes About The Movie “Augenhöhe” or “Eye-level”

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Ulf Brandes is one of the creators of the documentary Augenhöhe – German for “Eye-level”. Augenhöhe shows what it’s like to work “at eye-level” in organizations with new ways of collaborating that fit the 21st century. Augenhöhe is meant to invite people to dialogue: How are they working now, and what would they like to change? How can they change? …

Business Case: How Values, Virtues and a Game Helped G-Wiz Grow

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Guest Post by Graham Williams. Who doesn’t want growth? Growth seems a good thing for organizations. It marks the positive results of hard work. Growth unlocks doors to more opportunities. However, with this growth come stressful and demanding challenges. This was true for G-Wiz, a gymnastics organization in Cape Town, South Africa, but with some help, they were able to …

The importance of virtues for a successful business

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Graham Williams is a certified management consultant and author based in Cape Town, South Africa. With Dorian Haarhoff and Peter Fox, he published “The Virtuosa Organisation”. Broad in scope, yet specific in its application the book examines subjects such as the dark side of leadership, how to embrace People + Planet + Profit thinking, and how to move from vision …

Suffer, survive or thrive in organizational culture?

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In spite of all the terrible news headlines, humanity at large develops itself slowly but silently in the background of the world stage. Many people are trying to be good, do good and live a good life. With rising wealth more people are freed from earlier material constraints and some limiting beliefs in this wake. For many, their degrees of …

Grace in corporate culture

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Guest post by Brian Fulghum. “Culture eats strategy for lunch” is a well-known expression of the importance of your organization’s culture and aligning it with organizational vision and strategy. I stumbled upon the importance of this principle when I was part of the leadership team running a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in northwestern Pakistan. We wanted to run a …

How can Organizational Culture make a difference in Leading Change?

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Are you frustrated about organizational change? I sure was! But then I started leading change based on culture. I worked with organizational culture – instead of against it. That made a difference! I’d like to share more about my work in culture & change – and show how culture can foster positive leadership and change while people engage and empower themselves. …

Appreciative Inquiry to build a Culture of Kindness

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Guest post by Jeremy Scrivens. Many people feel unengaged and unhappy at work across the Western World. The disengagement level at work has reached a crisis point. Managers need a new ‘toolkit’ to engage people but above all a new lens to view their people: the lens of kind leadership that engages people to give their best in a Culture …

Giver or Taker

Are you a giver or a taker?

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Success and satisfaction depend on who you are but also on how you treat others… According to Adam Grant’s research, you could be one of three types in the workplace: a Taker, a Giver, or a Matcher. How do you behave at work? And what is your workplace culture like?

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“Whole Person” Organizational Culture makes people and organizations thrive

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Guest post by Gerald Wagner. What if you’d wake up on Monday excited to go back to work? Organizations with “Whole Person Cultures” make this a reality. Not because they offer happiness courses and wellness perks – but because they create organizational cultures in which people thrive. Eliminate fear, add creativity. No need for office politics, if there’s openness. Bye …