Raising Your Game: A Journey To Increase Your Impact

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As a seasoned change practitioner, do you have assignments where everything seems to go naturally, and you really have an impact? As opposed to those where your client keeps misunderstanding you and the change projects stalls…? Daryl Conner, a long-time change professional, wondered why some change practitioners get it done – and others – with the same toolkit and experience …

Deep Democracy Workshop to Transform Challenges: dare you to kiss a frog?

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Deep Democracy is a fascinating approach to both personal and organization development. Join me as I join this wonderful workshop to learn more… Kiss a frog? Ugh! It’s natural for most of us to avoid or ignore ugliness, to control problems, wish them away or fight and conquer them. We tend to dislike problems, obstacles, and challenges. Let alone accept, …

Journey of a Change Learner

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Guest post by Paul Gibbons. In March 1993, the derivatives market was booming and banks, although intoxicated by the profits, were worried about the risks of these strange, complex instruments and how to control the armies of traders making all the money. The normally reserved world of British commercial banks had been taken over by brash, loud-mouthed traders. Senior management …

Shadow Consulting: Does it really work?

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Shadow consulting – have you ever done it? It’s not the dark side of consulting. It’s something that consultants may do too little… It’s consulting with another consultant to help you do a better job in consulting. Official definition: a shadow consultant denotes a consultant who, at the request of a colleague and by means of a series of mutual …

Interview with Terrence Seamon

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Terrence Seamon is a seasoned Organization Development consultant, based in New Jersey, USA. He is passionate about change and loves to write. After he published his book Change for the Better, I interviewed him about change. Join us as we discuss positive deviance, resistance, Theory Y and Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis. Marcella Bremer: You just published your third book: Change …

How can Organizational Culture make a difference in Leading Change?

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Are you frustrated about organizational change? I sure was! But then I started leading change based on culture. I worked with organizational culture – instead of against it. That made a difference! I’d like to share more about my work in culture & change – and show how culture can foster positive leadership and change while people engage and empower themselves. …

Ubuntu Circle

How to co-create change in an Ubuntu Circle

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“Ubuntu can offer the ‘developed world’ a means to overcome the great challenges of the 21st century”. Says Leontine van Hooft, a Dutch corporate anthropologist and entrepreneur in Africa. She offers workshops to teach Western organizations how to use “Ubuntu circles” to connect, explore and co-create change. Are you ready to join me in this workshop? Let’s see how this …

Berlin Change Days

Change leadership interview: Holger Nauheimer

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What inspires you, as a leader,  consultant or coach? What lessons have you learned? One of Holger Nauheimer’s lessons was learning that doing less and trusting the process is the core skill of a change facilitator. His mission is to help leaders and organizations live the values that the world needs. Holger founded the annual conference “the Berlin Change Days” and has …

How Provocative dare you be?

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Provocative coaching and change: Can you make things better by making them worse? It is analogous to making a donkey move forward by pulling his tail. The approach of “Provocative Coaching” was developed by Frank Farrelly when he realized that friends often uplift and nudge you. Coaches and consultants, on the other hand, seem to take a solemn approach to …

Otto Scharmer

Interview Otto Scharmer: “Change on many levels”

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Otto Scharmer’s work is a great inspiration for me and many others. I’m excited to share this interview with him about his work and specifically the book “Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies”. The subtitle explains its great ambition: Applying Theory U to transforming business, society and self. Here’s a framework that can help leaders, consultants, …

Engaging Emergence and change

Engaging Emergence – a new story of Change

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“The old story of change, called change management, no longer functions well. Fortunately, a new story is arising that works creatively with complexity, conflict, and upheaval.” Speaking is Peggy Holman, who has been working in and shaping the field of change since the Mid-70’s. She’s an author and consultant who co-authored the indispensable Change Handbook (an inspiring and pragmatic compilation …