RipplesThese leadership articles are for you – whether you’re a leader, a consultant, a change maker, a professional, a coach or any other human being. What matters is whether you want to make a positive difference. I am Marcella Bremer, an author, culture change consultant, and “inspirator”. I’d like to help you make a positive difference in your workplace, and in the world. That’s why I write this blog. I write about Positive Leadership, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, New Organizations, Personal Development and reflection.

Positive Power

The blog category Positive Power contains content that amounted to a book: Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive.  My purpose is to upgrade to positive organizations where both people and performance thrive. Positive organizations are better at change, more innovative, competitive, profitable, and contributing to the world – while people take their personal positive power to their private lives and communities as well. I’d like to see at least 10,000 positive agents by 2020 to spread positive change in their organizations and beyond.

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The Positive Leadership & Change Blog publishes about these six topics:

Positive Power at Work is a book that I write / blog in real-time. The purpose is to develop positive organizations where both people and performance thrive. Everyone can make a positive difference from any position, without needing permission or resources from others.

My integrity: How I make money

I am here to inspire and help you. I am selling nothing – I earn my living with culture consulting and the online Positive Culture Academy.
I care about quality content, integrity, transparency and honesty.


Marcella Bremer

Marcella Bremer

  • I graduated from Rotterdam School of Management and I’m on a permanent personal and professional development journey. My career is as varied as my interests, but it boiled down to learning, reading, writing and consulting in leadership, culture and change.

    I founded Leadership & Change Magazine with my partner Marcel Lamers – now transformed into this free Blog.

    I also founded OCAI online with Marcel Lamers, which gives access to Cameron & Quinn’s validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument, and I consult with organizations around the globe.

  • I published several books: “Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization’s Potential in Circles of 10” and the Positive Leadership, Culture & Change Collections.

    Last but not least is: Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive.

    I’m married, I have three sons and live in the Netherlands. I love to read literary fiction and nonfiction, I like hiking in nature, traveling, learning, and I love life.

    The current state of the world sometimes saddens me – but mostly, I’m an upbeat person who likes to make positive change work. Every one of us can create positive ripples that influence our circles of influence. Together, we can amplify our positive difference.

Marcel Lamers

Marcel Lamers

  • I graduated in Environmental Studies and, after that, in Biology at Utrecht University. During my research for theoretical biology I learned how to code so my career turned in the direction of writing code, designing systems and websites.

    I am interested in a broad field of topics so I also finished courses in NLP and Bodywork before founding a training & coaching company.

    Next, I founded OCAI Online with my partner Marcella Bremer. I’m responsible for the back end and a smooth technical flow of this online system that offers the OCAI in several languages to the world.

  • I also founded Leadership & Change Magazine with Marcella – now transformed into this free Blog. I’m the person who makes things work, and who likes to solve problems.

    I’m married, I have three sons and live in the Netherlands. I love music so I started learning how to compose as well. I have finished a classical piece and I’m working on my next. I, too, believe that the world can be a kinder place. We can start the work with ourselves, within our circles of influence.