Stewardship and Organization Development

peter blockGuest post by Peter Block.

There have been two ways technology and organizational culture have evolved that make the ideas and practices of stewardship more relevant for OD practitioners than ever. As used here, stewardship means a choice to (1) act in service of the long run, and (2) act in service to those with little power.

For organization development and change in today’s world, stewardship translates into creating accountable and committed workplaces without resorting to increased control or compliance as governing strategies. (more…)

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Ready for Nexus4Change?

Guest post by John Spalding and Steven Cady.

steven-cadyWhile most people would say they want change—in their organizations and communities, their schools, their health care, their government—they don’t often act on their desire because they don’t know where to begin. That’s why NEXUS4change provides a roadmap for initiating collaborative change in a changing world. NEXUS is both a curator for this emerging field of scholarship and practice, as well as a movement and gathering place for people with a passion to support “whole systems” to thrive in our world. (more…)

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Courage and Culture

webinar-courageWhat does it mean to be courageous…? Does it differ across cultures? Becky Robinson, founder and social media expert for authors at Weaving Influence, organized a webinar to explore the different cultural expressions of Courageous Leadership and Followership between the United States and Asia. “We want to create a world that works for all.” Dare you speak truth to power? A conversation with Bill Treasurer, Ira Chaleff, John Graham and Robert Yeo. A cross-cultural exploration. (more…)

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Inspired Organizational Cultures

jerry-wagnerGuest post by Gerald Wagner.

The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures (IOC) aims to develop a global community of leaders who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness. We created a self-paced program to teach new generations the importance of providing positive leadership and transforming workplaces for a new, inspired era of business growth. (more…)

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Cynicism or Opticism?

opitcist“A case for optimism” is an inspiring video by Tiffany Shlain. She pleas for optimism with a healthy dose of skepticism: which is a “questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts,or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.” Thus, she argues, let’s become an “opticist”. Let’s not be naïve, but let’s focus consciously on the half full glass and see how we can fill it up even further. (more…)

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Do you have the courage to contribute?

fearFear and courage. It’s an incredibly important theme in our lives: Joseph Campbell captured the archetypical “journey of the hero” as the central theme in human storytelling around the world. The journey starts with the calling of the challenge (the hero’s purpose) and revolves around fear and courage. Passing through all the stages of learning, leading and change – until the hero returns home with renewed wisdom. (more…)

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Reinventing Organizations

Guest post by Frederic Laloux.

FREDERIC-LALOUXThere’s something broken in how we run organizations today. Institutes that poll thousands of people about happiness at work show that up to 60-75% are disengaged at work! They show up with their bodies, but that’s it – just to make a living.
This is the case not only at lower levels of organizations, where people have routine jobs and feel powerless. Even at the highest levels, senior leaders feel tired of email overload, meetings, the rat race, the silos, the political games they have to play, the tedious budget circles. This growing sense of tiredness – hints that there must be something more. (more…)

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