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101 Leadership Quotes to make your difference

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How do you thrive at work? How to engage the others? How to make organizational change work? How to create a great organizational culture with positive leadership? These 101 leadership quotes help you answer those questions and amplify your positive impact. That is – if you are up for the challenge! Even if you have little time and little influence. …


How can you lead Human Performance Unleashed?

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Guest post by Chip R. Bell What is human performance unleashed? What features might we find? What are the lessons for leaders who want to enhance such extraordinary performance? Crazy Horse, a Native American warrior, is a fine example. But don’t think in terms of stern bravery and toughness. “People who are unleashed bring out the best in others because …

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Dr. Fons Trompenaars : Transcultural Competence: reconcile dilemmas to collaborate and innovate

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In today’s connected, fast-paced world, transcultural competence is more important than it already was. Leaders and change makers must be able to collaborate around the globe, while they also create and foster a culture of innovation. Change and innovation, once an extraordinary event in an organization’s life cycle, are currently more like “business as usual”. How to become “trans culturally” …


Welcome to the Leadership Development Carnival: October 2016

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Welcome to Leadership & Change Magazine, the blog about Positive Leadership, Culture, and Positive Change!  I am excited to host this month’s Leadership Development Carnival, initiated by Lead Change Group. All these blogging professionals share great wisdom – so please take the time to read their posts below, reflect, and apply what works in your situation. This Leadership Development Carnival is a treasure chase …

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From the Inside Out: the human dynamics of sustainability

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Graham Williams is a South-African author and consultant and a regular guest writer for this blog. He’s one of my favorites as his articles are always a pleasure to read, well researched, and very inspiring. Graham and I share a deep wish to contribute to a better world and Graham just published another book to help organizations become more sustainable! …


South African Positive Power

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I spent two weeks in South Africa where I was invited to provide my Culture Change Leadership Workshop to South African consultants and HR managers. When I watched the movie “Long walk to freedom” about Nelson Mandela, I realized that it had been only 26 years ago that apartheid was abolished. Such a short time! In spite of all their …


A Quantum-Inspired Perspective on Organization Development

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Have you ever heard of quantum storytelling? It is a new way of viewing organization development. Led by David Boje, of New Mexico State University, and Tonya L. Henderson, a scholar-practitioner with Gly Solutions, a group of authors from Europe and the USA collaborated to produce a collection of readings that explore human organizations using quantum physics inspired concepts. Their …


Four Role Models of Whole Person Organizational Cultures

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Guest post by Jerry Wagner. The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures (IOC) aims to develop a global community of leaders who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness. In addition to IOC’s self-paced video lecture program about positive leadership and culture, IOC-founder Dr. Gerald Wagner also strives to shine a spotlight on companies …


Mike Henry on Lead Change Group:“We can all make a positive difference. We don’t need permission”

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The Lead Change Group is a global, virtual community dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution, one leader at a time. Mike Henry, Sr. founded the group in 2009 to instigate a leadership revolution. It became one of the most socially shared leadership blogs and they published a multi-author book about character-based leadership, The Character-Based Leader. Since 2014, Becky Robinson and …