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101 Leadership Quotes to make your difference

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How do you thrive at work? How to engage the others? How to make organizational change work? How to create a great organizational culture with positive leadership? These 101 leadership quotes help you answer those questions and amplify your positive impact. That is – if you are up for the challenge! Even if you have little time and little influence. …


South African Positive Power

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I spent two weeks in South Africa where I was invited to provide my Culture Change Leadership Workshop to South African consultants and HR managers. When I watched the movie “Long walk to freedom” about Nelson Mandela, I realized that it had been only 26 years ago that apartheid was abolished. Such a short time! In spite of all their …


A Quantum-Inspired Perspective on Organization Development

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Have you ever heard of quantum storytelling? It is a new way of viewing organization development. Led by David Boje, of New Mexico State University, and Tonya L. Henderson, a scholar-practitioner with Gly Solutions, a group of authors from Europe and the USA collaborated to produce a collection of readings that explore human organizations using quantum physics inspired concepts. Their …


Four Role Models of Whole Person Organizational Cultures

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Guest post by Jerry Wagner. The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures (IOC) aims to develop a global community of leaders who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness. In addition to IOC’s self-paced video lecture program about positive leadership and culture, IOC-founder Dr. Gerald Wagner also strives to shine a spotlight on companies …


Mike Henry on Lead Change Group:“We can all make a positive difference. We don’t need permission”

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The Lead Change Group is a global, virtual community dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution, one leader at a time. Mike Henry, Sr. founded the group in 2009 to instigate a leadership revolution. It became one of the most socially shared leadership blogs and they published a multi-author book about character-based leadership, The Character-Based Leader. Since 2014, Becky Robinson and …

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Unconditional Leadership: How Well do you Lead?

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Guest post by Tal Shnall. As a leader or a manager, do you sometimes find yourself having a strong opinion about someone you personally supervise? Do you have an employee on your team who is underperforming and also, the relationship between you and that employee has not been very effective? Susie’s promotion I work as the Guest Services Manager and …


The Golden Rule says, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

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Guest post by Brian Fulghum. In a recent discussion, some people said that the “Golden Rule” is wrong or at least misguided. As the argument goes, people like different things, like things differently, and disagree about everything. How can we expect that treating people as we want to be treated will lead to any sort of agreeable outcome? If I’m …


Mindfulness and agile leadership

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Guest post by Gareth Wilson. The challenges of modern leadership are growing and complex. The good news is that many leaders already have several of the key traits needed to overcome them – a desire for self-improvement and the will to succeed. However, will and motivation cannot be truly effective without direction. That’s why I’d like to discuss mindfulness; what …


Eileen Fisher: “We Need To Figure Out How To Get Free”

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Eileen Fisher is an American fashion designer and founder of the women’s clothing retailer Eileen Fisher Inc. The company celebrated its 30-year anniversary and has over 1,000 coworkers. For these last thirty years, Eileen Fisher has looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment. Eileen has always been passionate about using her company as a voice for change …


Cultivating Organizations – Background to The New Ecology of Leadership

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Guest post by David Hurst. What if people were like plants and organizations were like gardens? Would managers and leaders realize that they can’t grow either people or organizations directly: that they can create only the conditions for growth? Would they begin to cultivate their organizations? David Hurst gained many insights when he started to think more like an ecologist …


Becoming Whole at work: Personal Development to Change the Organization

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Most organizational development and change programs start in a top-down way and focus on the “what” and “how” for the organization. But as we’ve seen in earlier articles about Theory U: the “who” of change makes the difference. The level of awareness of the participants of a system defines the outcomes of that system. It matters “who” you are: it defines …