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Leadership & Change Magazine offers you the leadership articles to make a difference with Positive Leadership, Positive Culture and Leading Change. Learn how to energize, engage and empower your workplace, coworkers and clients!

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Leadership & Change Magazine featured Kim Cameron, Terry Seamon, Otto Scharmer (Theory U), David Dye, Steve Sisgold, Tanveer Naseer, Eileen Fisher, Jeremy Scrivens, Leo Babauta, Danna Beal, Daryl Conner, Greg Richardson, Greg McKeown, Kathryn Cramer, Edgar Schein, Graham Williams and many more… We’re adding leadership articles, interviews and book summaries as we speak!
We’re the only leadership magazine with a focus on positive leadership, cultures of kindness and leading change.

Read our leadership articles written by leaders, professionals and consultants about leading change, how to make a difference, positive leadership, employee engagement, work overload, yoga, ubuntu meetings, Appreciative Inquiry, Holacracy, dialogue, cultures of kindness or how to manage across multinational organizations…

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Leadership & Change Magazine is a digital magazine. We’re the only leadership magazine with a focus on positive leadership, cultures of kindness and leading change.

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