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101 Leadership Quotes to make your difference

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How do you thrive at work? How to engage the others? How to make organizational change work? How to create a great organizational culture with positive leadership? These 101 leadership quotes help you answer those questions and amplify your positive impact. That is – if you are up for the challenge! Even if you have little time and little influence. …


Eileen Fisher: “We Need To Figure Out How To Get Free”

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Eileen Fisher is an American fashion designer and founder of the women’s clothing retailer Eileen Fisher Inc. The company celebrated its 30-year anniversary and has over 1,000 coworkers. For these last thirty years, Eileen Fisher has looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment. Eileen has always been passionate about using her company as a voice for change …


Cultivating Organizations – Background to The New Ecology of Leadership

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Guest post by David Hurst. What if people were like plants and organizations were like gardens? Would managers and leaders realize that they can’t grow either people or organizations directly: that they can create only the conditions for growth? Would they begin to cultivate their organizations? David Hurst gained many insights when he started to think more like an ecologist …


Becoming Whole at work: Personal Development to Change the Organization

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Most organizational development and change programs start in a top-down way and focus on the “what” and “how” for the organization. But as we’ve seen in earlier articles about Theory U: the “who” of change makes the difference. The level of awareness of the participants of a system defines the outcomes of that system. It matters “who” you are: it defines …


Book Review: Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

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Ora et labora: the twin pillars of monastic work are of equal importance. For a Trappist monk work is a form of prayer and prayer is a form of work. They practice mindfulness. August Turak, an American salesman and serial entrepreneur, went to Mepkin Abbey, South-Carolina, when he needed time to think – and he kept coming back for years. …


Christian Felber and the Economy for the Common Good

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What is the role of a company in the universe? When an organization is founded, the question is Why? Is the answer: to produce clothing so people can stay warm – or whatever they create? Or to maximize profits for the founders and the investors? Christian Felber shows the audience in Vienna at the “Evolution of Organization” conference (organized by …

Breakaway from Workplace Bullying

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Guest post by Leslie Yerkes. One of the ways in which people try to effect change is through bullying. The act of bullying can be physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual. There are three aspects of bullying: being the bully, being bullied, or stopping bullying when you see it. Bullying may be common and a common part of living but it …

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Improving and innovating With Ideas From The Bottom

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Guest post by Jehan Joy Tandingan Gesta. There’s usually a natural rate at which organizations improve. It’s 2 to 2.5% per year but if you manage it – if you think of how to improve and innovate and you take action, you will have a different result. If you manage improvements consciously the rate ranges from 12% to 17% over …


Managers and Musicians: Leading By Being Present

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Can musicians teach managers how to be better leaders? Maybe not. Teaching implies a top-down approach: transferring insights from one person to the other. But managers can learn from musicians. Learning implies a bottom-up process: pulling out, becoming aware of what is already present inside… Join me, as I learn from musicians in this workshop with an orchestra! I cannot …


Courage: Do You Act Toward Desire In Spite Of Fear?

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Guest post by Margo Boster. Leadership takes courage. Whether leading a company, a division, a team or just yourself, it requires courage to continually “put yourself out there” and take the lead. So what is your motivation to lead? Marketers and advertisers learned long ago that people are motivated to move toward pleasure or away from pain.  We have all …


Interview: Ulf Brandes About The Movie “Augenhöhe” or “Eye-level”

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Ulf Brandes is one of the creators of the documentary Augenhöhe – German for “Eye-level”. Augenhöhe shows what it’s like to work “at eye-level” in organizations with new ways of collaborating that fit the 21st century. Augenhöhe is meant to invite people to dialogue: How are they working now, and what would they like to change? How can they change? …


Book Review: Do! “The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution”

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Speaker and best-selling author Kevin Kelly draws from over two decades of research to highlight what makes Xceptional businesses and their leaders succeed beyond all odds: exceptional execution of an ordinary idea. He discusses the concept of DO! in a tiny book, illustrated with entrepreneurial, innovative cases from around the globe. An overview. Idea killer Kelly used to be an …