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101 Leadership Quotes to make your difference

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How do you thrive at work? How to engage the others? How to make organizational change work? How to create a great organizational culture with positive leadership? These 101 leadership quotes help you answer those questions and amplify your positive impact. That is – if you are up for the challenge! Even if you have little time and little influence. …


Book Review: Do! “The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution”

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Speaker and best-selling author Kevin Kelly draws from over two decades of research to highlight what makes Xceptional businesses and their leaders succeed beyond all odds: exceptional execution of an ordinary idea. He discusses the concept of DO! in a tiny book, illustrated with entrepreneurial, innovative cases from around the globe. An overview. Idea killer Kelly used to be an …


Thorlo: A case study of Positive Leadership & Culture

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Jim Ritchie-Dunham coined the term Ecosynomics. Ecosynomics provides a theoretical framework that shows the often hidden, underlying agreements that affect human collaboration, and how to change these fundamental assumptions. Energetic, high-performance teams start from a different initial assumption than economic scarcity. They start with abundance. Ecosynomics, the social science of abundance, explains how that changes all the rules of the …


What A Heart Attack Taught Me About Balance

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Guest post by Mike Figliuolo. I had a heart attack, some time ago. I was just sitting there when out of nowhere I had a sharp pain in the right side of my chest. That pain started radiating out my back, down the backs of my arms and legs, and over the back of my skull. Breathing became a little …

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The Collaboratory: Working Together in Finding Ideas that Energize to Take Action

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Welcome to the “Collaboratory”. This approach is a co-creative stakeholder engagement process for solving complex problems. I’m in Vienna at the Leadership in Transition conference. Join me below to experience this change method… The Collaboratory is a nice mixture of Theory-U-like exercises and dialogue approaches. We will work together to see what answers emerge around the guiding question: What does …

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“Anything is possible. Especially if you decentralize leadership”

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Julian Bolster’s life story and his work are examples of positive leadership – so let’s talk with this international leadership coach. Julian co-authored a book with Dr. Deepak Chopra, “Roadmap to Success”, and is working on a second book about leadership. An interview by Marcella Bremer. Marcella Bremer: Who is Julian Bolster? Julian Bolster: I started in business almost 20 …


Business Case: How Values, Virtues and a Game Helped G-Wiz Grow

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Guest Post by Graham Williams. Who doesn’t want growth? Growth seems a good thing for organizations. It marks the positive results of hard work. Growth unlocks doors to more opportunities. However, with this growth come stressful and demanding challenges. This was true for G-Wiz, a gymnastics organization in Cape Town, South Africa, but with some help, they were able to …

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The importance of virtues for a successful business

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Graham Williams is a certified management consultant and author based in Cape Town, South Africa. With Dorian Haarhoff and Peter Fox, he published “The Virtuosa Organisation”. Broad in scope, yet specific in its application the book examines subjects such as the dark side of leadership, how to embrace People + Planet + Profit thinking, and how to move from vision …


Raising Your Game: A Journey To Increase Your Impact

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As a seasoned change practitioner, do you have assignments where everything seems to go naturally, and you really have an impact? As opposed to those where your client keeps misunderstanding you and the change projects stalls…? Daryl Conner, a long-time change professional, wondered why some change practitioners get it done – and others – with the same toolkit and experience …


Learning: Are you paying attention to lessons happening around you?

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Guest post by Leslie Yerkes. Learning keeps surprising me. One of my recent lessons is that most learning is not structured. Or planned. Actually, the vast majority of learning just happens to us. John Lennon said something like, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans.” The key is to be aware of things while they are …

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Interview: Steve Sisgold – Whole Body Intelligence for leaders

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Body intelligence: you have it, but do you use it? I started to appreciate it during several bodywork courses and I notice the impact of authentic nonverbal communication in leadership and change. Hence my interest in Steve Sisgold’s book What’s Your Body Telling You? I think we should bring the body to the workplace. Instead of just using the body to transport our …

Thrive at work

Suffer, survive or thrive in organizational culture?

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In spite of all the terrible news headlines, humanity at large develops itself slowly but silently in the background of the world stage. Many people are trying to be good, do good and live a good life. With rising wealth more people are freed from earlier material constraints and some limiting beliefs in this wake. For many, their degrees of …